Chocolate Bars

Personalised Chocolate Bars for any occasion. 
Choose from the below designs or for an extra fee, we can personalise and design to match your theme.
​Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks to ensure your order is ready in time for your event.
  1. Black Stripes
    Black Stripes
  2. Blue - Black Stripes
    Blue - Black Stripes
  3. Blue - Grey Stripes
    Blue - Grey Stripes
  4. Chevron Blue Anchor Nautical Marine
    Chevron Blue Anchor Nautical Marine
  5. Cross Grey-Silver
    Cross Grey-Silver
  6. Damask Black L-H
    Damask Black L-H
  7. Damask Black
    Damask Black
  8. Damask Blue
    Damask Blue
  9. Damask L-Q Hot Pink
    Damask L-Q Hot Pink
  10. Damask 14
    Damask 14
  11. Damask 16
    Damask 16
  12. Damask 17
    Damask 17
  13. Damask 24
    Damask 24
  14. Damask Pink-Brown-Gold
    Damask Pink-Brown-Gold
  15. Damask Pink
    Damask Pink
  16. Damask Themed Pink & Black Stripes
    Damask Themed Pink & Black Stripes
  17. Decorative Love Heart Pink
    Decorative Love Heart Pink
  18. Diamond Beige Simple Elegant
    Diamond Beige Simple Elegant
  19. Diamond Black Simple Elegant
    Diamond Black Simple Elegant
  20. Elegant Black Wreath
    Elegant Black Wreath
  21. Elegant Ornamental Beige
    Elegant Ornamental Beige
  22. Elegant Vintage-Rustic Recycled-Brown
    Elegant Vintage-Rustic Recycled-Brown
  23. Floral Wreath
    Floral Wreath
  24. Heart Arrow Love
    Heart Arrow Love
  25. Heart Orange Decorated
    Heart Orange Decorated
  26. Heart Rope-Bow Black
    Heart Rope-Bow Black
  27. Initials Vintage-Rustic Recycled-Brown
    Initials Vintage-Rustic Recycled-Brown
  28. Love Heart Beach Sand
    Love Heart Beach Sand
  29. Pink Black White Stripes
    Pink Black White Stripes
  30. Pink-Chevron Gold-Princess
    Pink-Chevron Gold-Princess
  31. Polka-Dot Blue-Grey
    Polka-Dot Blue-Grey
  32. Polka-Dot Pink-Purple-Grey
    Polka-Dot Pink-Purple-Grey
  33. Religious Cross Christening-Communion Polka-Dot Pink
    Religious Cross Christening-Communion Polka-Dot Pink
  34. Rose-Peonies Black-White Stripe
    Rose-Peonies Black-White Stripe
  35. Stripes Aqua-Blue
    Stripes Aqua-Blue
  36. Vintage-Floral Flowers-Pink
    Vintage-Floral Flowers-Pink